Subject: HigherEd bubble about to burst & crash the US Dollar & you still haven't done anything-it's HIGH time; plz help!!

Sen. Nelson: I reprise (repeat) my call for fiscal responsibility in regards to use of our tax dollars, specifically in higher ed. To that end: The THREE (3) Bills, named below, need a co-sponsor in the Senate. (That would be you!)

While "Free College" (as liberal Bernie Sanders is seeking) is actually Morally justified (and something America used to do - and what many countries *presently* do) -- AND: While Free College would help national security (we're an UNEDUCATED country anymore!) -- nonetheless, we can't afford free college at this time, and any attempts to do so would result in banks & universities declaring bankruptcy, and the taxpayer dollar bailing them out - thus CRA$HING the U$ DOLLAR.

However, the other extreme (where we are right NOW), allowing the current tuition inflation, predatory lending, subsidies, illegal monopoly, etc., to proceed, -- this too **WILL* crash our economy: As we currently have about 1.2 TRILLION in college debt, refusal to fix this WILL result in overwhelming college debt that students will never be able to pay, thus resulting in defaults -- and, again, this would result in banks & universities declaring bankruptcy, and the taxpayer dollar bailing them out - thus CRA$HING the U$ DOLLAR.

Gordon's solution, as outlined in front-page news of or links to the 3 bills in question that will "split the burden" between students (the 99%) and the elite (the rich, 1%, e.g., the banks, colleges, universities), thus saving America. And, no, even tho I defend the “99%,” my “solution” is NOT liberal: The 2 bills I am advocating (below) are a Conservative Free Market CHECK against predatory lending, hello?

(But, I add, all you Democrats are the main ones seeking bankruptcy for college loans, so you should be happy that i provide a 'Conservative' argument, to help you get my party's leaders to support it: I'm a Republican with common sense - and morals!!)

The legislation which would avoid disaster and save America are described in the (Wed. 13 Apr. 2016, BREAKING) Higher Education ; Politics ; Congress * news item, which is front-page news at The Register, linked above. -- you may ignore me, if you like and let us travel down one extreme or the other - and crack the economy, crashing the dollar. But, I would prefer to avoid catastrophe. The correct solution legislation is included in the "Editor's note -- UPDATE:" at the bottom of the Editorial in question, mirror:

Please push these bills along and get them before the desk for the president to sign into law, unless you think my fears are unfounded, and that we'll be just fine on the runaway Economic path as it stands.

At the least, these TWO (2) Bills, below, need a co-sponsor in the Senate. (That would be you!)

Specifically: Those bills would be:

((1st,this bill)) H.R.3451, ‘‘Student Loan The Bankruptcy Parity Act of 2015’’ and, secondly,

((2nd, this bill)) "H.R.1-proposed-GWW," the “Freedom from dangerous, risky, & very obscenely high Loan Limits Act of 2016," my comical (but serious) proposed bill to begin reversing the damage by §422 of H.R.507 (109th CONGRESS), the “College Access and Opportunity Act of 2005,” by former speaker, John Boehner. My proposed bill, to reverse the damage Boehner's bill has done (and the related bills) can be found in this folder:


[[Also, H.R.1674, the ‘‘Private Student Loan Bankruptcy Fairness Act of 2015’’ would be helpful, as private college loans are REAL predatory, but I'm guessing/hoping that H.R.3451 (114TH CONGRESS, 1ST SESSION) would probably cover both private AND public loans, so let's just go with those 2 bills above, ok?]]

Please help America avoid disaster: The college debt bubble WILL burst if it's not put into check by these two bills.

Gordon Wayne Watts, /

c:863-409-2109, h:863-688-9880, Lakeland, Fla.//

PS: When attempting to use this web-based email form (for Sen. Marco Rubio's web-based email), I was limited to "500 character." What!? That's not even 77 or 78 words!? My 1-page constituent request can be found in this 1-page PDF file, here: or:

You might save a copy to hard drive, follow links, print out related docs, & study them a bit. I'm only asking for co-sponsorship to TWO bills - light reading. [[Sen. Bill Nelson's web-based email, however, gave me no problems.]]