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My email to my congressman re Healthcare: Still confused - please help...


By going to and clicking on the little ‘Contact’ link, constituents in Rep. Ross’ district (Fla’s 15th Congressional District) can contact their congressman/congresswoman, in the U.S. House of Representatives. Here is what *I* wrote my Congressman - what do you think?

Dear Congressman Dennis A. Ross: With all due respect, Congressman Ross, even at this late stage in the game, I still don't know if the GOP replacement for the ACA is "affordable" or not. (Also, I don't know what level of coverage it affords, what the income requirements are, how it's funded itself, or how many people is covers.) Please clarify. I did contact your office and formally request this be looked into, but haven't, as yet, gotten a response. [[I know my questions are difficult, but many others are asking them, so answering me will help you be prepared to answer others with similar questions.]]

PS: For the record, I formally recommend POLK Care as the model for the ACA replacement: Polk County, Florida's indigent healthcare plan is "affordable" (only 1/2-cent sales tax funds it), covers LOADS of people (anyone making under $990.oo/month is eligible), and is VERY powerful: Paying for my cataract surgery, regular checkups, and would pay more, but I decline to take some treatments or tests, preferring instead to heal up with God's promises in the Bible regarding healing, and this seems to work, thus far.

[FUNDING] -- To fund it, I would recommend either a Federal sales tax of 1/2-cent on the Dollar (one-half percent), a slight increase in Income Tax, *or* a slight reduction in spending elsewhere (getting out of many foreign wars, *total* elimination of taxpayer funding of college loans, and elimination of other "pork barrel" programs) -- and/or a combination of "all of the above." The end result may not cover as many things, but it would at least be affordable. Japan's, Canada's, and possibly Australia's & China's socialized healthcare works, and POLK County Fla.'s indigent plan works, so why try to reinvent the wheel? If it works, and isn't broken, it doesn't need "fixing," so please just copy what works, and make it simple, OK?

I'm still confused, and thus do not know how to ask you to vote: please help me here.

I did do my own research (see below), but now I have more questions than answers -- since I did my part, please meet us half-way, and tell us the answers to my questions (above). Here's *my* research, which I recommend you print out, save to hard-drive, study, & consider as potentially helpful - my gift to you & your staff:

Thank you. Sincerely,

Gordon W. Watts, Lakeland, Fla.///