Mon. 28 July 2014 30-Year Reunion for Plant City Senior High School - "PCHS Class of 1984 & More Reunion" is slated for Fri. Aug.01, 2014. "Happy Hour" begins at 4:00PM at Jimmy B's Bar, 6200 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706. [[map links: (Google search/map) - (Yahoo! search/map) - (Mapquest search/map)]] There is NO admission charge for the Fri. evening function. The main event will take place on Sat. Aug 02, 2014, from 6:00PM 'til 11:00PM at The Postcard Inn, next door to Jimmy B's. Buffet & "Cash Bar"; Music provided by a live D.J. ("Slammin' Sammy" McCullogh, class of 1984), dancing, slide show, PCHS trivia contest, & more fun; Friday golf outing - TBD. Dave Pippin, class of 1984 (President of FutureTech Financial, Inc.) and Chris Kent, class of 1985 (co-founder of Numis Network, which is merging with travel club, WorldVentures) will be raffling off 20 FREE 3 Day, 2 Night Cruises for 2 to the Bahamas! David and Chris are very experienced in financial matters. Saturday daytime activities - Volleyball & other beach activities. Anyone is welcome, especially classes 1981-1987, but space is limited, so register early.

Admission is only $60.oo per person. FULL PAYMENT MUST BE MADE BY MAY 15, 2014. Strike that: You may still pay in advance (by calling David Pippin or Noelle Swindal: both are accepting payment: see below), or, alternatively, you may pay at the door. There will NOT be any "up charge": The cost to attend Saturday's 'Main Reunion' event is still only $60.oo, and the Friday night 'get together' is still free. AVAILABILITY IS LIMITED TO 200 ATTENDEES. Reunion organisers strongly suggest that the "Class of 1984" register ASAP, as it will be a "first-come, first-served" registration. For those who don't wish to drive to St. Pete & spend the weekend or Sat. night, organisers are trying to arrange a shuttle for Sat. night, only. There will be an extra charge for this between $25.oo-$35.00/person. Strike that: There will not be a shuttle provided. Plan accordingly. Check these websites for official info & updates:

  • To register and pay now, please choose 1 of 3 options:

  • Call Dave Pippin at 407-409-6774 ; ; ;
  • Call Noelle Swindal (Maloney) at 404-386-9510 ; ;
  • Bring your $60.oo, and pay at the door, and make sure you have a room if you plan to stay overnight between the Friday and Saturday events. World Venture Travel Club members have already booked nightly rates for far less than $100.oo. For more information on joining the World Ventures Travel Club, please send Dave Pippin an email at: Additional Sleeping accommodations: PCHS group rates are available at The Postcard Inn and The Beachcomer next door, if they have not, as yet, sold out. However, we suggest that you check online at your favorite travel site to search for better rates. is a great site to check for the best rates.
  • Any questions? Call me (Gordon Watts, Class of 1984) at 863-688-9880 ; ; -or see the Facebook event pages, linked above,
  • PCHS Class of 1984 & More Reunion - Event Organizers:
    Dave Pippin, President of FutureTech Financial, Inc.
    Noelle Swindal (Maloney)
    Stacy Benton (Dillard)
    Jeff Borgan
    Patty Alderman (Huret)
    Shayne Ray (Hassell)

    This news brief brought to you by Gordon Wayne Watts (class of 1984), Editor-in-Chief, The Register. - Last updated at: Mon. 28 July 2014

    PLANT CITY HIGH SCHOOL class of 1984 invites all classes from 1980-1988 for our 'combined' 25-Year Reunion: 2009
    Saturday, July 04th, 2009 (Happy 4th of July, folks!)
    UPDATE: Call in this Saturday, 7-25-2009, from 11:00 to 11:30am to WWAB-AM-1330 (Lakeland/Plant City) with your question/comment about our reunion; I will be hosting the show: 863-682-2998. Tune in to Thunderbird 13!
    UPDATE: The registration & payment deadline has been extended to give you more time, and we've invited more classes: Now, anyone is welcome with an emphasis on 1980-1988, and the deadline to register & pay is Monday, August 3rd, 2009.

    In case you haven't heard, this 25-yr class reunion is garnering major news coverage from all six (6) major Tampa Bay newspapers (and could be big) -as well as mass mailouts and posting to many major 'Classmates' / 'Alumni' message boards. Plus, we invite you to join us on Facebook - go here: --and sign in (registration is free) -and, once on my page, go to the 'Events' tab --or see the recent wall posts -and see a bunch of us discussing the reunion, which, so far has twice as many people who registered & paid so far than our last reunion.

    *1* Plant City Courier (6-17-2009) IN PRINT (excerpt)
    *2* Tampa Tribune's (Posted Fri. June 12, 2009 or earlier in Announcements) ONLINE (link) / (screen shot)
    *3* Lakeland Ledger (6-10-2009) "Entertainment Calendar") ONLINE (link) / (screen shot)
    *3* Lakeland Ledger (6-11-2009) IN PRINT (excerpt)
    *3* Lakeland Ledger (6-14-2009) "Activities") ONLINE (link) / (screen shot)
    *3* Lakeland Ledger (6-15-2009) IN PRINT (excerpt)
    *3* Lakeland Ledger (Posted Fri. June 12, 2009 or earlier in 'Events' Announcements) ONLINE (link) / (screen shot)
    *4* Polk Voice (Posted 6-25-2009 in announcements) ONLINE (link) / (screen shot)
    *4* Polk Voice (7-1-2009) IN PRINT (excerpt)
    *5* St. Pete Times (7-3-2009) ONLINE (link) / (screen shot)
    *5* St. Pete Times (7-3-2009) IN PRINT (excerpt)
    *6* The Focus Magazine (scheduled for: 7-15-2009) ONLINE (file folder)
    *6* The Focus Magazine (scheduled for: 7-15-2009) IN PRINT (file folder)

    **1** - I sent a mass email to ALL AC members -even those before 82 and after 86, and know it went out, as I got a response from one member, asking about another year's reunion.
    **2** - Click here. I personally sent mass email to all Classmates members in PCHS classes of 1982, 1983, 1985, and 1986; Jeff Borgen sent notices to all PCHS class of 1984, including myself.
    **3** - Click here. I've personally posted to my Wall's 'News Feed' and discussion, but click a few of others' links on my page: Other people have much 'discussion walls' than myself -talking about our reunion.
    **4** (formerly ‘’) - A 'Mass email' went out to all 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, and 1986 members, registered for PCHS. I know this, since I sent them myself -and got several responses.
    **5** ( web ring) - I certify that a 'Mass email' went out to all 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, and 1986 members, registered for PCHS. I know this, since I sent them myself.

    -1- - Click here for both reunion posts (one was by someone else) and here for message board announcement.
    -2- - Click here to sign in and see message board and RSVP discussions.
    -3- - Click here (registering is free) to see many people discuss our reunion -many profiles I link have much better PCHS Reunion discussion than my own profile's 'Wall' -and see the power of Facebook in action.
    -4- (Alt mirror) - Front page news on my highly visited web blog.
    -5- (Main site) - Front page news on my highly visited web blog.
    -6- - I posted in both the reunion announcements and the message board sections.
    -7- LAKELAND Ledger message boards - Click here /and/ here to see posts which were viewed by many people, according to THESE view stats.
    -8- NOTICE - Click here and select Calendar tab (under August 8) to see another person's announcement of our reunion.
    -9- (formerly ‘’) - Click here or here for profile and here for blog. (Note: You have to sign in to view blog, but registration is free to both view blog and also to receive and respond to the mass emails mentioned earlier.)
    -10- - Click here to see our front-page REUNION Announcement; log in to *also* see the discussion post on our reunion: Registration is free.
    -11-'s listing for Plant city Senior High School -had no place to post an announcement, but I did try.
    -12- ( web ring) - Click here to visit front page and reunion notices. (Note: You have to have an account to view reunion post, but an account is free.)
    -13- - Click here to access their website; I submitted the reunion announcement for both Reunion and 'Front Page' news items.
    -14- - Click here for front page; registration is free. I posted an 'Events and Reunions' announcements in the 1984 forums, a 'Reunion Planning' post in the school-wide message board, and lastly, a notice in the 'Reunion' Events section.
    -15- - Click here to see the public listing of our reunion. (Note: 2 or 3 people got happy and posted notices. LOL.)
    -16- - Under the 'REUNION POSTING' section of 'PLANT CITY HIGH SCHOOL,' I posted an announcement for our reunion; click here to log on: Registration is free.
    -17- - Click here to see the lively discussion going on in Topix's 'Plant City' forums about our reunion.
    -18- - Click here for the event host's official web site. You must register, and you can do so online at this link -or, you may pay in person -but most prefer to pay online.

    (Scroll on down, below the map for the official announcement.)

    Click here for a larger map

    CLICK HERE for a larger map.

    Plant City High School: 25-yr Reunion: PCHS class of 1984 Welcomes classes of 1980-1988 for a 'combined' 25-Year Reunion: Fri AUG 07 and Sat AUG 08, 2009 - many events planned. WALDEN LAKE boasts it will be: "the largest combined reunion in Plant City's history. Over 1,000 classmates & family expected to attend. See friends & family from your class and the years before and after you graduated." - Why this reunion probably *will* be real big:

    *1* For the 1st time in ages, 'local' Plant City venue (not Tampa or St. Pete)
    *2* Good publicity by classmate mass emails & publicity in all the major papers (Examples: The ‘Plant City Update’ Section of the Wednesday, June 17, 2009 Plant City Courier had a piece on this, as did page B8 of the LAKELAND Ledger’s “Events” and “Activities” announcements on June 11th & 15th -and online on the 10th & 14th -as well as
    *3* A 'combined' Reunion, inviting all of 1980-1988
    *4* Reasonably priced ($40.oo for main event is lower than most reunions)
    *5* Numerous 'REUNION' flyers in places like Applebee's, Outback Steakhouse, and Denny's were put out -thus increasing the 'word-of-mouth' publicity.

    *** -> Select EVENTS -> Click on 'Class Reunions' -> Visit "Plant City HS Classes of '82, '83, '84, '85 & '86" -Or just click here:

    Important Message from Walden Lake regarding the registration deadline:

    In a message dated 7/28/2009 4:03:07 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, {Steve Mercer} writes:

    I extended it online to Monday Aug. 3rd, no more after that, no walk ups allowed, room will be setup and food will be available for final number reserved by the 3rd. Get the word out.

    OK, I will: Everyone needs to sign up with Walden Lake Golf and Country Club. Please don't wait! You can go to their website and register online or you can call them. They need an accurate count to have time to order food and prepare the rooms we will be using...FINAL Registration & payment required by Monday, August 3rd, 2009. (Lest we forget, I missed our 20-yr reunion.)

    WHERE: Walden Lake Golf & Country Club
    2001 Clubhouse Drive, Plant City, Florida 33566
    Local: 813-752-1171, Toll Free: 877-465-3221
    HOW: You may pay online @ their website -or come in and pay in person.

    From either TAMPA or ORLANDO, take Interstate-4, head towards Plant City (which is between Tampa & Orlando), and get off on exit 19 (mile marker 19), the 'Thonotosassa Road' exit, go southeast for 0.5 miles, turn left at the 'Plant City' sign, and go 0.9 miles southeast to West Baker St (aka US Hwy 92 W), proceed 0.4 miles east-southeast to North Alexander St, and turn right, heading southbound for 1.4 miles until you get to West Timberlane (at Walden Lake). Then, turn right and proceed 1.0 mile to Clubhouse Drive, and you're there at Clubhouse Dr. Turn right, and proceed 13 feet and you’re at the Golf & Country Club. If you wish to take exit 21 (mile marker 21), the 'Wheeler St. exit,' you take the Alexander St. ramp, and run that southbound, past the hospital, to West Timberlane, and turn right as before. *** If you’re coming from the southside (e.g., MULBERRY, BEALSVILLE, or BRANDON), you can take State Road 60 (aka Brandon Blvd) to County Road 39 (aka James Redman Parkway aka Collins Street) and proceed northbound on CR-39 / Redman for about 3 miles, until you get to West Alexander Street. Then, turn left, heading west for about 1.3 miles, and follow it around the curve (as it curves to the right and heads you northbound). Right after that curve is West Timberlane (at Walden Lake), where you turn left and head westbound for about 1.0 mile, and you’re there at Clubhouse Dr. Turn right, and proceed 13 feet and you’re at the Golf & Country Club. *** From Turkey Creek Rd., take Griffin Blvd. eastbound, and make a left on Clubhouse Dr., go about a mile, and you're there. *** From Trapnell Rd., take South Mendenhall northbound about one and a half miles, turn left at Clubhouse, and you're there.

    Gordon Wayne Watts
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