Prepared Press Inquiry for Rep. Virginia Foxx:

By Gordon Wayne Watts, Editor-in-Chief, The Register | [ Direct: 863-688-9880 ; 863-687-6141 ] ; Nat'l Dir., CONTRACT WITH AMERICA: PART II®™ ; Monday, 12 February 2023 (PLANT CITY, Fla.) **



-- QUESTION: “Why have you not, as yet, filed legislation to end Liberal pork taxpayer-dollar-funded student loan subsidies as our Republican Party's official platform requires?[1] GOP PLATFORM QUOTE: “The federal government should not be in the business of originating student loans.”[1] [WARNING: As student debt is > $2 trillion, almost ten (10%) of total U.S. debt, we WILL crash the dollar if pork isn't cut!]

** If asking from audience, it is “essay question” & give lawmaker a chance to answer as she sees fit.

** If in person (where there's more time) -- or if follow-up is allowed -- list “multiple choice” options, below:

[[ A ]] I really don't support the Republican Party's stated platform, above; I'm a Liberal.

[[ B ]] I do support the GOP platform, but haven't filed or co-sponsored any such bills because:

[[ i ]] Exigent “emergency” circumstances (fill in the blank).

[[ ii ]] Lack of student loan bankruptcy self-defense to provide Conservative “Free Market” check on the Dept of Ed's insane & excessive lending has allowed lobbyists to make subsidy/spending cuts politically impossible, but I shall immediately support student loan bankruptcy legislation to “force down” irresponsible lending, back off lobbyists, & make needed cuts to liberal pork subsidies.[2]

[[ iii ]] I *have* filed / co-sponsored spending cuts legislation (fill in the blank).

[[ C ]] Other (fill in the blank)

[1] QUOTE: On page 35 of the Republican Party Platform[1], we see the GOP clearly says: “The federal government should not be in the business of originating student loans.” (1ST sentence of last paragraph, near bottom-right of page) [Editor's Note: This is page 42 of 66 of “PDF” page numbers, but the writer labels this as page “35,” since the first 7 pages weren't given regular page numbers.] Source: “REPUBLICAN PLATFORM 2016,” used under Fair Use for commentary, criticism, and research. Editor's Note: This author could not find a more current version, such as 2020 or more recent.




[2] Proposed bill to reduce student loan limits (cutting Liberal pork subsidies, reversing John Boehner's bill)




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