** ‘Old Skool’ Hip Hop Rap - selected favourites of “Grandmaster 'Flash' Gordon Watts” **



Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5; Grandmaster Melle Mel & Friends

Africa Bambaata & Soul Sonic Force

Kurtis Blow; Eric B & Rakim; Sugar Hill Gang ; Cool Herc



The Fat Boys; The Beastie Boys; Biz Markie

Kid N Play; The Health Ranger; Big Daddy Kane; Jimmy Spicer; Slick Rick

Marley Marl; Nucleus; New Edition; Whodini; Dana Dane

Rock Steady Crew; Ultramagnetic MC's; Mantronix; Stetsasonic



Busy Bee; Steady B; Cutmaster DC

Dimples D; Schoolly D; Kool Moe Dee; Heavy D & The Boyz; Davy DMX ; Run DMC

Easy E; Sheila E; Scrappy G; Spoonie Gee; Craig G; Chill Rob G; Kool G Rap

KRS-ONE; Positive K; LL Cool J; The Force MD’s

Ice T; Q-tip; EPMD; UTFO; YZ



Chaka Khan; Roxanne Shante; Real Roxanne; MC Lyte; Cheryl the Pearl; The Fat Girls

Sheila E; Salt N' Pepa; Dimples D; Antoinette; Queen Latifah & Monie Love; Debbie Harry



Eminem; Vanilla Ice; The Beastie Boys; 3rd Bass; DJ White Lightening; Debbie Harry; Scrappy G; The Health Ranger



KRS-ONE; The Classical Two; Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic Three; The Treacherous 3

Funky Four + 1; The Fearless Four; The Furious 5 (“We got lines outside the door!”)

Twilight 22


DJ’s & MC’s:

DJ Polo; DJ Red Alert; DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince

DJ Grandmaster Flash; DJ White Lightening; DJ Infinite

MC Hammer; MC Lyte; MC Shan; Ultramagnetic MC's; Young MC



Ice T; Ice Cube; Vanilla Ice; Just Ice; Cold Crush Brothers


NEW SKOOL RAP: (In my opinion; To you, it might be Old Skool)

Tupac Shakur; Snoop Dog; Notorious B.I.G. (aka Biggie Smalls)

Scrappy G; Wu Tang Clan; Public Enemy; The Health Ranger

Note: Some artists are listed more than once becasue they fall into more than one category, but this does not imply that I think they're any better or or worse than any other artist. Also, no doubt many, many talented and great artists and groups are not listed, mainly because I don't know about all the old school rappers out there, and because of limitations on space. Lastly, these are my personal favorites, so my list may differ from your top favs. Enjoy!

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