Editor's note: this is an email to a friend of mine, who called me up yelling and screaming that I "support" gays because I oppose an outright ban on gay adoptions. For the sake of anonymity, I'm redacting his email address and changing his name (and fixing minor spelling-type errors that I discovered).

FYI: My friend and I are both against 'Same Sex Marriage,' and we both agree that, on average, gay adoptions are not as good as 'traditional,' 1-man-1-woman marriage parenting or adoption. However, support for an "outright ban" on 'Gay Adoptions' is very bad for no less than three (3) reasons:

1) MORAL: As you can see below, some straights are perverts, and some gays are much safer adoptive parents, and insisting on opposing all gay adoptions would necessarily yank some kids out of homes with safe (gay) parents and put them in homes with straight perverts, such as the British Swimming Coach described below. (We know he was straight because he was married and had a child.) Placing children in unnecessary danger to "make a statement" is morally wrong, sinful, and abhorrent to the conscience--on par with the senseless murders of both Jewish Germans during the Nazi-war era as well as innocent, helpless babies who happen to live in a womb, but not outside of one--in the schemata whereby the rapist is not punished but the innocent child who is in a womb, is punished. Backwards. Reprehensible. Abhorrent.

2) LEGAL: As shown in other research, alluded to here and cited right here, an outright ban on gay adoptions would violate Equal Protection since there is no similar ban on singles adopting.

3) PRACTICAL: As a practical matter, however, our quest to oppose 'Same Sex Marriage' is made infinitesimally HARDER when we are needlessly prejudiced, bigoted, and hateful towards gays for no actual legitimate reason. (Put another way, it's loads easier to impose (or retain) an unpleasant, but necessary, Same-Sex marriage ban on a group (gays), such as we do for other groups (polygamists, for example, who wish to have plural marriages recognised by The State), when we don't kick sand in their face!

So, for all you right-wing nuts who insist on an outright ban on gay adoptions, I would remind you that thinking like yours is what resulted in Annabelle Cripps (described below) to be allowed around --and be raped and sexually molested -- by some straight pervert, as opposed to a gay person, who, in most (even if not all) cases, would NOT have raped her, simply based on a prejudiced stereotype of "lumping all gays" together and putting them in the same basket. (PS: I'M a Morally and Fiscally Conservative 'right-wing' political and religious nut myself, as you probably know by now, so I don't make that comment as an affront or an insult.)

Editor, Gordon W. Watts -- Tuesday, 02 June 2015
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John, we need to talk about British Olympic swimmer, Katherine Starr, formerly known as Annabelle Cripps. 'Google' her before you call me, if you would, to be on the same page, OK? Here are a few links:
Moreover, here is some key information about her:
Katherine Starr (formally known as Annabelle Cripps), Founder and President of Safe4Athletes, is about 5'10.5" tall, and was about 146-lbs when she was in competition. She was born on February 16, 1968 (age 47), in Madison, WI, before moving to Great Britain: http://www.sports-reference.com/olympics/athletes/cr/annabelle-cripps-1.html
Most-importantly to this matter, John, is the fact that she was sexually molested and raped by her coach, the late Paul Hickson (who died in prison, whilst serving a sentence for molesting many of his young female swimmers). However here is the most important thing about it all:
"Anthony Evans QC, for the defence, told Judge Prosser that Hickson's wife, Kathleen, intended to stand by him. He said the ex-coach would never again be in a position where he would be able to abuse young swimmers." http://www.independent.co.uk/news/former-olympic-coach-gets-17-years-for-sex-attacks-1603214.html
"In court, Hickson claimed he stayed in France to earn money to support his wife Kathleen and daughter Amy, 8, who lived near Glastonbury." http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/spl/aberdeen/hickson-trained-international-athletes-but-preyed-on-young-girls-the-life-and-crimes-of-a-sporting-hero-1.659489
In other words, the pervert was married, heterosexual, and straight.
According to your schemata, were Annabelle (aka Kat Starr, pictured below), staying with a gay cousin (such as one of my cousins who is gay, but has never had anal-sex -and who has never made a pass at me or gotten arrested for any sexual crime), you would rip her away from him and send her to Hickson--to get raped. Or, if she were staying with -- say -- Julie Rodgers, a known homosexual girl (who is a celibate virgin: https://julierodgers.wordpress.com/ and has never had any lesbian sexual encounters), you'd pull Annabelle away from Julie, and send her to Paul. Is that good?... Oh, really?..
My friend, Julie Roys, writes about the 'gay' Julie, Julie Rogers:

Wheaton’s ‘gay celibate Christian’

Sexuality | The evangelical college’s counselor believes she cannot change her sexual orientation, but others say that denies God’s ability to heal


Julie Rodgers


I serve in the Chaplain's Office at Wheaton College. I also write and speak about all things sexuality, social justice, angst, and Christian hope.

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