Notes: This email was sent to Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) because he & a bunch of other Democrats lied & didn't keep their word on the BBA (Balanced Budget Amendment). No, I'm not picking on Democrats: See the recent 'Debt Slavery' press release which is still front page news on The Register ( or ) where NONE of the current Republicans kept their word regarding conservative Free Market solutions in higher education –and opposed some conservative Free Market checks by use of standard consumer protections –a Free Market check to keep the lenders from price-gouging students, thus resulting in runaway college tuition.--Editor-in-Chief, Gordon Wayne Watts

Dear Sen. Bill Neslon: (Sun. 24 July 2011)

You often promised to support a balanced budget amendment (BBA) in the past (example: ), and even hinted at the same in your recent email reply to me (Dated: 7/20/2011 6:08:31 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, From:, and I quote you: “I have long been committed to getting Federal spending under control, going back to my support for a balanced budget in the 1980s.”

However, I hear many news reports that now that you voted to not even debate the BBA.

Two questions: 1) Why didn't you keep your word? 2) How ELSE can we bind future congresses to spending wisely, so we don't have a repeat of Ronald Reagan, to whom DEMOCRATS promised spending cuts in exchange for tax hikes -and did NOT keep their word.

I am one of your constituents and a conservative voter who **usually** supports your generally MODERATE positions.

Please answer me these 2 --and please balance the budget -with or without a BBA, but preferably *with* a BBA, ok?

Thx. (On the voice mail's I said something to the effect: “I'm a constituent in zip code: 33801,” since I could not enter it like on's website.)


* “Nelson (D-FL), Yea”


* U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 112th Congress - 1st Session

* Vote Summary

* Question: On the Motion to Table (Motion to Table the Motion to Proceed to Consider H.R. 2560 )

* “All the votes to table the measure came from Democrats, including Sen. Bill Nelson.”


* Cut, cap and table: Nelson and Rubio at odds as Dem-led Senate blocks House GOP debt ceiling bill

* By George Bennett | July 22nd, 2011

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* “The 51-46 Senate vote against the tea party-backed measure — which had been expected in the Democratic-run chamber — came shortly after House Speaker John Boehner told reporters he and President Barack Obama had failed to reach a separate agreement to resolve the debt crisis.”


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