Dated: Monday, 16 January 2017

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Dear Rep. Dennis A. Ross:

I know that I've contacted you before regarding this suggestion (sorry to be talkative & repeat myself) -- but it bears repeating (read: "IMPORTANT"), --QUESTION: What do you think of my idea to model the ACA (ObamaCare) replacement after POLK County's indigent health care (which is funded by a 1/2-cent sales tax)? The correct answer here is either "good" -- "bad" -- "mixed pros-cons" -- or "I don't know & need more time." (y) Thank you for your thoughts -- Here is my argument "for" using POLK County, Fla. Indigent Care as a model for the ACA Replacement: Polk County's indigent care program isn't perfect, but it's helped me get cataract surgery (and regular checkups), which was far better than ObamaCare did (the latter did nothing for me), so my idea... "had merit," and I seek your thoughts on this, Dennis. [I know this answer seems too simple or too good to be true, but sometimes the "simple" answer, per Occam's Razor, is the correct one.] PS: I'm OK with the other ideas (for example, to allow competition across state lines), but these "other" ideas are merely icing on the cake. **My** idea is the whole cake itself. (Now, funding it might have to be modified from a sales tax to an equivalent Income or Use tax, but, hey, POLK County's plan works, and if it works, don't fix it -- rather, use it as a model to copy, and, yes, you may cite me, Gordon Wayne Watts, as the constituent who thought of this idea.)


Gordon Wayne Watts, Lakeland, Fla.