UPDATE: (Thr. 24 Jan. 2013) -- This appears to be a simple misunderstanding: As of Wednesday, 23 January 2013, I am 'unblocked' and now able to post on Ross' Facebook page. Also, oddly-enough, a letter to the editor of a local paper published only about 12 hours after Ross' staff unblocked me, but this appears to be an unrelated coincidence, since Ross' office could not have reacted to the letter before it had published; thus, their unblocking me was a genuine, honest action, not a 'reaction' to news media pressure, which had not manifested until about 12 hours *after* their action. --End of update-- More details are below in a subsequent update.

UPDATE: (Thr. 17 July 2014)
It is also worth noting that Rep. Ross has allowed me way more than my fair share of questions in many, probably most, of all his subsequent Town Hall Meetings, be they in person _or_ be they Tele-THM's via the telephone. Also, when meeting him in person at one THM, for the first time I had seen him in person in years, he remembered me by name, was repspectful, and has always shown the highest regard for me, whether anyone in the news media was looking or not. Therefore, it all adds up to convince me: I am sure that Dennis and his staff, though human, have the highest honour and moral integrity. -- End of update.


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Subject: Re: Help! I'm at my wit's end, and genuinely *very* frightened...
From: Gordon Watts <gww1210@gmail.com>
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Dear friends at The Tribune, The Ledger, and elsewhere –

    I'm at my wit's end, and I need your help in exposing corruption. (And, I'm genuinely *very* frightened, as I described below; please take a moment to check this out.)
    Our U.S. Congressman, Dennis Ross (R-Fla.12th), has just now blocked me from his Facebook page—no, not his personal Facebook (that would be wrong enough, but at least it's his 'personal' page). I mean his Congressional “Fan” page, which he just deleted—and recreated, to supposedly interact with his constituents. He has kicked a lot of people off his pages, in the past, from what I understand, for no reason other than disagreeing. (But I can't provide you those peoples' names, as their posts are gone, and he deleted the whole page with the long record of their protests; if you do a news story, however, I'm sure they will come out of the woodwork and verify my claims here.) However, I saw lots of complaints...
    Most of you receiving my email here know me after many decades of my various activism in the community on a variety of issues, and you know I can be a tireless advocate for righting the wrongs in our society, but, even in my wildest dreams, I can not imagine or envision doing something that would justify or warrant getting kicked off his public 'Fan' page.
    This guy is like no other politician I've ever met—he's bizarre, but I don't ask you to take my word for that. Here's proof of those claims, leading up to the present bizarre situation:
    Back in 2011, I ask Congressman Ross (Tue., June 02, 2011) where he stands on one particular bill. His response:
* www.GordonWatts.com/FannyDeregulation/DennisRossFacebookEmailProof.JPG
* www.GordonWayneWatts.com/FannyDeregulation/DennisRossFacebookEmailProof.JPG
    I see he supports liberal, Big Government intervention, even though he claims to be a 'Conservative,' so, I ask for clarification—both in an email as well as through posts to his Facebook page: Gordon Wayne Watts June 2 at 11:26am
I *want* a sharp decline in the availability of student loans (ideally, I would eliminate ALL of the government's interference in the Free Market -and get the Federal Government *out* of Higher Education altogether!...But I don't see how a conservative such as you or I could support this interference in the Free Market by the Government...You don't support this...do you? * Links >> www.GordonWatts.com/Higher-Ed-Tuition-Costs.html#37
* www.GordonWayneWatts.com/Higher-Ed-Tuition-Costs.html#37

Response from the Congressman: He blocks me from his Facebook: Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 16:46:16 EDT
* www.GordonWatts.com/Odd-Press-Release.html
* www.GordonWayneWatts.com/Odd-Press-Release.html
    That was very odd: I have not ever threatened, spammed, or harassed the Congressman or his staff—nor have I ever used any vulgar language—well, except that I called him a 'Liberal' on several occasions, if you might consider the 'L' word a cuss word. In fact, I don't recall the last time I contacted his office by phone or email—it's been a while.

So, I phoned and emailed him, asking why he blocked me from his Facebook—what I'd done to warrant such a drastic action—and asked about policy matters (constituent representation) as well. His response? (U.S. Congressman tells constituent to not email him) Monday, August 22, 2011
* www.GordonWatts.com/Democracy-has-Died.html
* www.GordonWayneWatts.com/Democracy-has-Died.html

Analysis: The Congressman blocked me from his “personal” facebook, and asked me not to write to him at his “personal” email—all unjustifiably wrong, I admit, but these are his personal facebook and email, so I think maybe we should cut him a little slack here, OK—and maybe just contact him through his office only—on rare occasion, and in a polite manner—asking for clarification.

More recently, however, he created a new Facebook 'Fan' page, and started over again, claiming to want to hear from constituents: www.facebook.com/dennis.ross.376 My response?

I participated, like everyone else—making a few positive comments:
* www.GordonWatts.com/FannyDeregulation/random-DennisRoss-wall-snapshot.JPG
* www.GordonWayneWatts.com/FannyDeregulation/random-DennisRoss-wall-snapshot.JPG

and also asking for clarification on issues:
* www.GordonWatts.com/FannyDeregulation/Dennis-Ross-part-2-Screen-Capture.JPG
* www.GordonWayneWatts.com/FannyDeregulation/Dennis-Ross-part-2-Screen-Capture.JPG

That was a screen shot—to, you know, verify my claims: Here's the whole question:
* www.GordonWatts.com/FannyDeregulation/dennis-part-2.doc
* www.GordonWayneWatts.com/FannyDeregulation/dennis-part-2.doc
* www.GordonWatts.com/FannyDeregulation/dennis-part-2.html
* www.GordonWayneWatts.com/FannyDeregulation/dennis-part-2.html

His response?
* www.GordonWatts.com/FannyDeregulation/DennisRoss-deletes-my-post-and-blocks-me.JPG
* www.GordonWayneWatts.com/FannyDeregulation/DennisRoss-deletes-my-post-and-blocks-me.JPG

    He blocks me from posting (notice that there is no dialog box at the bottom for me to type in), and deletes ALL my posts (go to www.facebook.com/dennis.ross.376 to verify this: I sure didn't delete my posts.)
    My thoughts? I have not threatened, spammed, or harassed him—and I made sure not to post 1 thousand long posts: Just a few here and there, expressing my opinion, seeking “Representation” from the good Congressman, but he deleted them. So, if the problem isn't “how long” or “how much” or any legitimate form of harassment, then it's my opinions that offend him, and that is scary: If he's intimidated that I've outed him as a 'Big Government' liberal, who is using the invisible hand of government to protect the Big Banks, and won't even brook public discussion on the issue, then what other bizarre things will he do? Will he try to do character assassination against me, trumping up false charges of some sort or another? I'm honestly very concerned, since other whistle-blowers in my position have turned up missing or been visited by ruffins who beat them up, or threatened them, their family, or property. (Remember: Since 'big money' is involved, I am sure to 'rub the wrong way' many people, if my proposals get passed into law.)

But Ross apparently, is more interested in making money for his banker-buddies inside the beltway than standing up for conservative principles—and will sink to new lows to silence any critics who out him for the liberal he is. Heck, if he does this to me, when I'm a true Conservative (who supports some of his initiatives), and I'm paying attention, what might he do to you, if he catches you off your guard? Hmm... If this guy will get that upset at mere 'political' disagreement, what else is he capable of?
Gordon Wayne Watts, editor-in-chief, The Register
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And a thank you to the friend who made me this eagle pic.
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